Digital Explorer

Digital Explorer is a social enterprise that engages young people in global issues. We were asked to create a brand identity that could be continually developed as its reach and programmes expanded.

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Digital Explorer utilises the latest communication technologies (online, desktop, mobile, satellite, geo-location, video streaming and more) to bring the frontier of science and exploration live to the classroom. Our brief was to create a living, malleable brand identity to allow for the continuing development of the enterprise. We were also asked to work closely with them on their technology platform, designing and developing their websites and desktop apps.

Developing a bespoke blueprint for a suite of Wordpress sites, we created an expandable online network for Digital Explorer. It currently has four sites powered by this platform, with plenty of room to grow. Among its many highlights is Google Maps integration, which allows explorers across the globe to share their stories and insight. These can then be collected as teaching materials. We also developed an intuitive (and fun) desktop app that educators and explorers can use to engage young people with the issues that matter most. The app can be deployed around specific themes (for example, global warming or cultural understanding) and installed anywhere.

“We have been working with One Darnley Road for a number of years. They have consistently delivered high quality brand, print and web solutions with professionalism and flair. But they go further than this, through understanding the values and philosophy that underlie our work, they have helped to bring cutting-edge education to thousands of teachers and pupils internationally.”

Jamie Buchanan-Dunlop, Director, Digital Explorer