Game of Thrones

HarperCollins asked us to create an ad campaign for George RR Martin's phenomenally successful A Game of Thrones from the A Song of Fire and Ice series. The aim was to communicate to fans that like hit HBO show, the book delivers a heart-pumping narrative, as well as an enhanced plot and character experience. 

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The campaign was disseminated across a variety of platforms, including print and digital outdoor advertising, a Shortlist cover wrap, and an online trailer. We wanted to find a single, powerful idea that would be visually arresting and relay the book’s connection to the TV series – something that would be instantly recognisable. We also created a website for, which houses visuals, information, and links to buy the entire set of books. 

Reflecting the show’s tagline, “The Power Behind the Throne,” we started with a highly stylised and menacing image of the King’s throne. We then transformed the covers from the whole series of books into 3D composites, then for the trailer we positioned the books as towers within a wintery 3D environment. Emulating a dramatic camera fly-through, each one is seen standing alongside strong press quotes such as, “Characters so venomous they could eat the Borgias.”

Sales for the entire series of books have been phenomenal, and the client and author are extremely pleased with the campaign.

“Darnley's response to this brief was spot on - especially the new design assets they created for the promo clip and the Shortlist wrap. Slick and commercial, but with all the quality and insight I've come to expect from them. Bloody great.”

Ben North, Creative Director, HarperCollins UK