Paulo Coelho

Publishers HarperCollins approached One Darnley Road to design a marketing pitch for one of their most important writers, Paulo Coelho, author of the massive international bestseller The Alchemist.

Paulo Coelho has sold over 92 million books in over 150 countries worldwide, most notably his landmark inspirational bestseller, The Alchemist. HarperCollins wanted to present ideas for the future marketing of his books to the author and his agent in a way which would reflect the scope of their ambition. Our challenge was to create a look and feel which combined the separate elements of a wide range of marketing ideas into a single powerful presentation.

Using an unusual combination of diagrammatic illustration, elegant decorative type and a bold colour scheme, we developed an identity for the project. This was then executed digitally using motion graphics and physically with high-end custom printing and luxury finishes.

“This was the first project I asked the One Darnley Road to work on. It was an auspicious start – a beautiful, original and very effective piece of work, brilliantly expressed both physically and digitally.”

Benedict North, Creative Director, HarperCollins UK